WITU Celebrated!

The first ever Women In Science forum – Africa Science Week, an event to encourage more women in technology was held at Andela Uganda offices on 25th September 2018. Women in Technology Uganda (WITU) was recognized and given an award for the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Uganda during the event, which was organized by Next Einstein Forum (NEF).

WITU’s Director of Operations, Irene Kituyi, discussed the role of mentor ship and its importance in bridging the gender gap in STEM. Other panelists included John Kagga, Lead Learning facilitator Andela Women Tech – Leadership program, and Mary Helda Akongo Operations and Programs Manager Zimba Women. Angela Semwogerere Mirembe, Founder Coding in Heels, moderated the session.

Speaking about the discussion, Irene says, “It was an amazing experience sharing and inspiring secondary school students and young women who are pursuing STEM at different levels.”

“In Uganda, female students will not usually consider a career in technology mainly because they do lack adequate information about opportunities in technology,” she further explained. “Mentoring is therefore the appropriate tool to use and bridge the gender divide in STEM.”

Women in Technology Uganda continues to support initiatives that encourage women to participate in STEM. Our appreciation to Women in Science Forum led by Joanitah Nvannungi ambassador NEF, and others who continue to create diverse, exciting innovative approaches to attract more girls to the tech sector.

(L to R)Irene Kituyi of WITU,Mary Helda Akongo of zimba women,John Kagga of Andela and Angela Mirembe Founder Coding in heels.

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