The winning teams for the Leap2 women in Tech business challenge in Uganda.

Women in Technology Uganda in partnership with close the gap and good up received many applications of potential businesses, out of the many , 9 applications women founded or co founded businesses were selected for the crowdfunding challenge with a match up seed capital for their businesses to leap

Here in summary are the 9 businesses selected.

Brandsoft:Our goal is to train women business owners in embracing and using digital tools for business growth and sustainability. Our training focuses on three main areas; Digital Marketing, Digital Accounting and Online Business registration.

Yaaka Digital network:Many schools in Uganda lack access to qualified teachers and better learning academic content based on the Ugandan Syllabus and this is a challenge which must be overcome to meet the goal of achieving better education, especially for children from less privileged backgrounds. We have designed with a Yaaka Plus product for institutions. With Yaaka Plus, learners are able to digitally access relevant Uganda curriculum academic content offline.

Coding in Heels:Coding in Heels is a growing community that is attracting females who have some or no knowledge of Information and Communication Technology into the software development industry with a team work and project-based coding school providing free coding skills to women.

mDex: mDex is a smartphone based, low cost, tool aimed at increasing access to Sickle cell Diagnostic services in low resourced areas.

SafePal:SafePal’s goal is to contribute to confidential reporting of sexual violence cases among young people and facilitate survivors’ linkage to the nearest service providers for integrated support.

mSCAN:m-SCAN is a short form for Mobile Scan Solutions Uganda Limited. We are developers of low cost mobile ultrasound devices that seek to reduce maternal mortality by early detection of risk factors and easy accessibility to affordable S ultrasound services. Our main product is a USB end portable ultrasound probe coupled with a mobile ultrasound software. In simple terms, it is ultrasound on your phone, tablet or laptop

Vivid hire:The goal of this innovation is to reduce women unemployment by connecting women to digital work so that they can be able to work as they take care.

Entambula Yo:Entambula Yo is a mobile application that generates a digital address (which is navigable and accessible) for a given user(business or personal residence) and maps this generated address to a physical location.The main aim of the application is to improve the e-commerce sector and day- to-day activities of both clients and service providers.

Ask without shame:Ask Without Shame provides emergency sex education via mobile technology to the Ugandan youth through an app and Hotline. It is a free and anonymous service to answer questions regarding sexual matters without judgment or shame regarding sex, HIV, STDs, body changes, contraception and pregnancy through a 24/7 intervention of medical experts.

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