An Innovation Hub that is created for committed women to see them transition to entrepreneurs and leaders using Technology through global partnership projects.

An innovation hub designed to help Start ups become intelligent digital businesses by taking advantage of the exposure they acquire from WITU hub tailored out programmes.

Our main focus is  on high-impact, strategic opportunities, “Goals such as local and incremental innovation, and driving a culture of innovation more broadly among women locally here in Uganda.

Our goals are typically focused around projects, relationships and the physical space itself that look at equipping women careers and startups with knowledge skilling, exposure through networks both locally and globally and also fostering a finance unlock in their lives.

We have run a number of high impact projects looking at  accelerating innovation in women  to drive development, empowerment and bridging the digital divide in Uganda. Most of the partnerships have been with global companies, institutions or technology partners whose motives have in different angles looked at equipping Ugandan Women entrepreneurs with different skills and mentorships.

Below is our portfolio of some of the Projects that the WITU HUB has handled.

WAZI HUB Internet Of Things and Big data.



WITU HUB was selected by the European Union commission as a Wazi Hub open innovations as the women Hub in Uganda to create a platform for capacity building ,fostering  an environment where women can easily directly benefit from the cutting edge IoT and big data technology there by strengthening the competitiveness and growth of women startups  by improving the innovation capacity and the integration of IoT-cloud and big data knowledge. 

One of the ways we have gained excellent results in this project is we have planned a process through which awareness of the project and capacity building will be done. we have broadcasted the details on all our social media handles and also over online digital platforms-magazines.

We have carried out outreaches in the differs hubs creating an ecosystem with the hubs and encouraging all women startups to participate and other women in our communities.


Solve for xx Hackathon

Early this Month-July 2018, saw WITU and Provide Her( An american firm) execute the first ever 24 hour women bootcamp in Uganda. The bootcamp sought to find solutions for the ever increasing unemployment challenge among women here in uganda;That was created to support young women to find digital work. We want to raise the next generation of women in STEM leading in the Industry both locally and on a global scale.

Successful candidates will be taken through a 24 hour 2day Bootcamp before being admitted into the 3-6 weeks training Institute.

The call for applications where over 150 applications to the bootcamp before 25th June 2018. About 121 applicants were selected; The applicants were taken into the journey of identifying the challenges in the hackathon termed as SOLVE4XX that women are facing that are leading to unemployement here in Uganda.

The Mission of Solve for XX is to close gender gaps and disrupt economic inequality through  collaborative, unconventional women-led social change hackathons where local genius is aligned with a global network committed to designing solutions that transform into opportunities for women in leadership, education and industry.

Solve4Xx problems defined included but not limited to the following;

  • Early Pregnancies
  • High school dropout rates.
  • Sexual harrasments
  • Limited access to ICT devices
  • Increased poverty nationwide
  • Early marriage
  • Safety.
  • Growing young profession.

Through skills training and confidence building the women who participate in a Solve for XX hackathon together with the WITU Mentors identified,, pursued and achieved professional & fiscal growth without barriers due to their gender.

We believe that gender parity is not only achievable but it is essential to the growth of our communities and world.We are unapologetic in our standard core That no matter where you go, anywhere in the world- Women are the solution.


Leap2 Tech women Challenge Uganda

The first digital leap Crowdfunding challenge ; First of its kind ever in Uganda, it is going to be  in the form of an Tech women challenge starting this March 2018. During the LEAP²  Tech Women challenge in Uganda, Good Up-Close the Gap and Women in Technology Uganda(WITU) challenged women in Tech business/ entrepreneurs to give their innovation/ business a boost by crowd funding and working on a business case of their choice. The 10 innovations selected from all the applications, guided by a professional coach, will work on a business case of their choice and this digital revolution will enable them have equal access to basic services and be financially and economically stable through Crowd funding and Good-up.