Activity highlights of the first quota 2018!

LEAP² Women in Tech Innovation Challenge in Uganda!!!

The first digital leap is HERE!! First of its kind ever in Uganda, it is going to be  in the form of an Tech women challenge starting this March 2018. During the LEAP²  Tech Women challenge in Uganda, Good Up-Close the Gap and Women in Technology Uganda(WITU) challenged women in Tech business/ entrepreneurs to give their innovation/ business a boost by crowd funding and working on a business case of their choice. The 10 innovations selected from all the applications, guided by a professional coach, will work on a business case of their choice and this digital revolution will enable them have equal access to basic services and be financially and economically stable through Crowd funding and GoodUP.

The next leap in this journey is the LEAP² Tech women Uganda challenge

During this challenge 10 new Tech Women innovations/ businesses through GoodUP will get a Chance to access knowledge, networking and starting capital for their brilliant innovations/businesses through their smart business ideas and innovations or Women founded existing businesses for a specific project within their start up.

How does the LEAP² Challenge work?

  1. Apply

You can apply with your business/ (innovation idea) to enter the challenge. If you fit the criteria you are welcome to apply by filling out this form; After application we shall get back to you to ask some more information. Innovations can apply until 1st -March 30th 2018. On April 3rd we will Confirm your position for the Women in Tech challenge.

  1. Training 

After the selection crowd fund training will be organized in Uganda. In April there shall be one day training at a venue in Kampala that will be communicated where GoodUP experts together with WITU will share all the ins and outs about crowd funding and make sure you are ready to start the campaign month. The goal is to have you walk away with a full set campaign plan.

During this training you also get the chance to meet with professionals/experts who could help you solve any Women Tech innovations or business problems you come across in your business.


  1. Campaign month

After a full day crowd funding training, we will refresh your mind with a refresh meet up on April 18th. During this day we will flag off your crowdfunding campaigns and your campaign period will start. During your campaign you will crowdfund for a project within your own business. You will make use of the LEAP2  platform as guided by the WITU experts!

Close the Gap will match the amount you raised once you are at 50% with a maximum of €2000.

  1. Final

All ten crowdfunding campaigns will run until 18th of May. The challenge ends with a pitch training in Uganda at a venue that will be communicated. During the final the ten innovation teams learn how to perfect their pitch and have a final chance to give their campaign a boost during the campaign period.

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