Our Tech hub customers get access to free mentoring sessions with selected entrepreneurs, the  tech Hub selects high-levementors who are willing to share their time, experience and expertise to help women entrepreneurs to succeed.

WITU Tech Hub’s team makes sure that entrepreneurs are matched with the mentors who best fit their needs. Want a mentoring session?


WITU  Hub is a founding member of the Open Innovation Club, an organization that helps aspiring tech women pursue open innovation by bringing inside  to outside innovation.

WITU Hub offers its client companies unique opportunities to be introduced to decision makers at large corporations that are relevant for its clients or to present its solution at its monthly techmeetings. Want to pitch your company?   Apply here.


WITU  Hub’s workshops and events are a great way to learn about the Business boost or startup markets either in person or remotely. So, check out our calendar to see what’s coming next!

Our hub’s tech meetings or engagements -info sessions, bootcamps, projects,hackathons or networking events  provide women entrepreneurs with the perfect environment to mingle and develop business opportunities with Tech Hub’s community of successful entrepreneurs, investors and professionals  Join our meet-up groups contact us

What will you gain when you Join the WITU Hub

  • Develop your knowledge and skills
  • Advance your Career.
  • Build your network.
  • Learn new perspectives
  • Unlock your finance.
  • Gain valuable advice and support!

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